Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Alcohol addiction treatment at Anchor Bay is a holistic process. We recognize the disease can be different for everyone. Our philosophy is to customize every bit of our clients’ recovery process. Our tailored treatment options work to help patients realize their recovery goals.
The first difficult step is recognition of an alcohol problem. Needing a drink to calm shaky hands or calm anxieties are signs its time to seek help. Dependency can result in withdrawal symptoms such as shaking, sweating, seizures, and hallucinations. Inpatient medical detoxification helps to manage the physical aspects of alcoholism. Detox is important to ensure a safe, comfortable withdrawal. This helps with a smooth transition to inpatient rehab and therapy upon completion.
Starting treatment, our staff works with you to develop a tailored treatment plan. Our therapies include behavioral, experiential, holistic, and adventure-based therapies. We place an emphasis on individual therapy and developing the tools for life success.
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Adventure-based Therapy

Facilitated by a team of master’s level therapists with extensive experience working with substance abuse and the challenges of early recovery, adventure-based therapy is an emerging, cutting-edge treatment that focuses on physically active and experiential approaches that engage, challenge and educate… learn more about our adventure-based therapy.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Alcohol addiction treatment at Anchor Bay is a holistic process.Upon entering treatment at Anchor Bay Recovery for alcohol addiction, our clinical staff develops a tailored treatment plan based on a client’s needs and history.

Drug Addiction Treatment

Anchor Bay Recovery knows that addiction affects every client differently which is why we develop an individualized treatment plan for each client who enters our doors. After a comprehensive assessment of each client’s history, our staff develop a tailored treatment plan that ensures success.

Co-Occurring Disorders

At Anchor Bay Recovery, our compassionate clinical team will be with you every step of the way to establish a treatment plan that treats your co-occurring disorder as well as your substance addiction. Anchor Bay Recovery provides fully integrated care to lower the risk of relapse, and help our client’s reach their goals of long-term recovery.

Treatment Programs

We believe it treating the whole mind, body, and spirit of our clients by addressing biological, psychological, social and holistic aspects of the individual’s life and history. Anchor Bay Recovery considers education on the nature of the disease of addiction as well as the most successful ways to treat it as an integral part of treatment.

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