Outpatient Detox

Sometimes taking a week off from responsibilities is not an option. Outpatient Detox may be an option for you.  Not all clients are candidates for outpatient detox services, our experienced nursing staff can assess your situation and recommend the right level of care for your medical detox needs.

Our doctors and nursing staff can help determine if outpatient detox is the right option for you by:

  • Performing an initial chemical dependency assessment
  • Performing an initial nursing physical assessment

Those who qualify for outpatient detox services will receive:

  • Daily monitoring of detox medication
  • Daily vitals checks to monitor any withdrawal symptoms
  • Weekly clinical therapy sessions
  • Weekly case management appointments

Making the decision to detox is the first step in the path to recovery, and not one you should take lightly.  Out staff will walk you through the process and be there with you each step of the way.  It is vital to successfully detox on an outpatient basis that clients have a supportive living environment to help fight cravings and stay on track.  

Setting the Path to Recovery

Anchor Bay Recovery’s talented and caring staff work in conjunction with other recovery professionals to help our client’s receive all the help they need to succeed in their journey.  We encourage you to attend either group or individual therapy while attending outpatient detox to address your underlying issues for long-term success.  Anchor Bay Recovery also provides additional therapeutic components once outpatient detox is completed including, Day/ Night with Community Housing, Intensive Outpatient Programming, and Outpatient services.  

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