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The physical controls of addiction are sometimes the hardest to break. Think about how awful you feel when you miss your fix. It’s these physical controls that keep people trapped in the grips of addiction, forcing people to use more and more just to feel normal. This is no way to live, you deserve so much more. At Anchor Bay Recovery, we know that breaking free starts with detox. There may be many detox centers in Lantana, but few offer the comprehensive support and nurturing care we’re proud to provide at Anchor Bay Recovery. You deserve a brighter, happier and healthier future. It starts with detox.

How can detox centers in Lantana help me?

When it comes to detox, there isn’t a blanket solution for every client needing help. There are various options for your detox approaches, and our medical professionals at Anchor Bay Recovery can help you find your best fit. We’ll assess your needs, taking your addiction, physical health and at-home support systems into consideration.

Many of our clients opt for outpatient detox. This approach is ideal for those that meet the requirements of initial assessments to ensure success. If you choose outpatient detox, our professionals at Anchor Bay Recovery are still here to support you with tools such as:

  • Group Therapy
  • Individual Therapy
  • Clinical Therapy
  • Case Management
  • Vitals Checks Daily
  • Detox Medication
  • Daily Medication Monitoring

At Anchor Bay Recovery¸ we know that medications and monitoring can help provide the support necessary for success in detox. Under the right supervision, outpatient detox can help you break free from the grips of drugs and/or alcohol.

How does medication fit in with outpatient detox in Lantana?

The physical controls of drugs and alcohol are challenging to overcome, but the right medical approaches can help. At Anchor Bay Recovery, we know that certain medications can help ease the effects of detox. For example, neurotransmitter replacement therapy helps to address the physical manipulations drugs and alcohol have over your brain’s chemical processes.

Over time, your addiction to drugs or alcohol has rewired your brain chemistry. Soon, your body needs drugs or alcohol just to feel normal. But with medical approaches to detox, you can rewire these processes back to healthy states.

With the help of amino acids and nutritional substances, clients improve their brain’s building blocks, producing the necessary neurotransmitters to receive the desired effects without using harmful drugs or drinking.

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