Mothers Getting Sober & Staying Sober

mothers getting sober

Mothers getting sober or staying sober, is a challenge but one that is rewarded with daily hugs, kisses and unconditional love. This article has hit home with me, as being a young sober mother myself. Facing every day challenges that I once drank or used over but no longer chose too. I found the solution by admitting I had a problem and asking for help

Balance between “mom duties”, the program of AA/NA, social life, work and taking care of one’s self is the question all mothers, including myself ask. The article below simplifies some main challenges mothers’ face as well as how to change your perspective and what kind of action to take. Within every challenge there are victories, no matter how small or big.

As a new mother who is in recovery from alcoholism, I have gained an enormous amount of first-hand experience into the unique challenges that motherhood brings for those either trying to get sober or intending to sustain their recovery.  However, there are also many positive reasons for alcoholic mothers to get or remain sober that are unique to becoming a parent.  These challenges and blessings of motherhood are not unique to alcoholics, as other mothers experience them.  However, the risk of relapse for sober mothers is always present and therefore, we must prioritize our recovery so that we can be the mothers that our children deserve.

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Finding Help

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